Silo Tank and Dust Filter 

      Taitong Machinery produces integrated cement silo for concrete mixing plant. sizing from 17-180 tons for all domestic and international customers. It is high strength, resistant to rust and corrosion. At the same time, it is widely used to store cement, fly ashes, mineral powder and other materials. We also provide installation, dismantling and silo parts storage all over the country. including dust filter system, pressure reducing valve, measurement system, etc.

Silo Tank and Dust Filter 


Design, manufacture, install, repair, demolish Cement silos, cement silos, cement silos and dust filters.

          Taitong Machinery's Cement Silo is used for storing or packing different types of cement mixes. The silos are available in a variety of sizes. It depends on the style and area of ​​use in each location. It can be a permanent structure for use in plasterboard, concrete platform or concrete plant. where finished products are stored until delivery time or portable that can be moved in and out for construction projects or short term construction

          The selection of materials and design emphasizes safe use. It is an important aspect that must be taken into account as a top priority and also depends on the purpose of use. and the type of raw materials that will be stored in the silo as well

          Taitong Machinery designs, manufactures, distributes cement silos and dust filters nationwide. We design and manufacture silo tanks according to engineering standards. By considering usability and safety first. Choose materials that are strong, durable, can be used for a long time, resistant to rust and corrosion. It is an integrated cement silo. for concrete mixing plant It can be used to store cement, fly ash, mineral powder and other materials, with packing sizes ranging from 17-180 tons. Can be manufactured according to customer requirements. We also provide installation, repair, dismantling, and storage of silo parts throughout the country and abroad. including dust removal system pressure reducing valve position measurement system, and so on.


Components of cement silo
Cement Silo Made to Order
Ladder set
Dust filter tank
Set of Silo's Stands, size 2.5 meters

Service process for installing silo tanks with Taitong Machinery

- Consulting and checking the suitability of the work area before proceeding

- Appraisal of operating expenses

- Deliver construction drawings to customers with advice on engineering and construction

- Execute the installation by a team of professional engineers

- Demonstrate and test it in real life with instructions for use and maintenance of silo tanks and dust filter

- Can contact the company directly In the event of a malfunction, breakdown or need for maintenance

- We produce and sell a full range of machinery spare parts products. can contact the company in case of needing spare parts

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Preparations before installing the Cement Silo


Construction's Foundation according to engineering measurement


Installation Area


Electric System 2-3 Phase

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