Manufacturing and Distribute Concrete Block Machine

เครื่องอัดอิฐบล็อก ไต้ทงแมชชีนเนอรี่

Concrete Block Machine

High quality, up to engineering standards
Meet the needs of small to large industries

          Concrete Block Making Machine will increase production efficiency. Time-saving, worth manpower by producing up to 4 bricks per time, Taitong Machinery has a variety of brick making machines to choose from according to usage, such as hydraulic block presses. Semi-Hydraulic Brick Breaker and a conventional brick compactor.

          Our concrete making machine focuses on strength, durability, long term usage, price worthy, cost-effective and easy maintenance suitable for small to large industries. 

Various types of Concrete Block Making Machine

Components of Concrete Block Making Machine


Raw Material Conveyor




Concrete Block Flip Rack


Machine Controller


Hydraulic Pump


Pan Mixer of Concrete Block Making Machine



Various Types of Concrete Block Molds

Our Service

Consulting from the start until the end of the process
Delivery service with installation and dismantling
On-site maintenance service

"Contact us for quotation of Concrete Block Making Machine"

Why Taitong Machinery?

1. We won "Thai Product of the Year" in 1991 – 1992 from the Minister of Industry (Thailand).
2. We are expert in Machinery. Our team has experienced for more them 35 and keep moving forward.
3. Giving consult by our specialists as one stop service
4. High quality product, durable, valuable with reasonable price
5. All types of work can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
6. We produce all spare parts for al machine. Easy for maintenance.
7. Warm after sales service. Taking care as our family

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