Concrete Pipe and Concrete Manhole Mold
Design, Manufacture and Installation of Concrete Pipe and Concrete Manhole Mold


Concrete Pipe Formwork, Drainage Pipe Formwork

Concrete Manhole Formwork, Prefabricated Manhole Formwork

Made of good quality material, strong and durable.
Cost-effective, long-lasting

Concrete pipe formwork, made of steel, is strong, durable, can be used for a long time, widely used. For applications that require strength and a beautiful concrete surface standard size can be reused many times save formwork cost have sufficient strength Does not deflect while pouring concrete concrete pipe formwork prefabricated manhole formwork It is able to withstand the reaction from cement without damage, deformation. It produces both external formwork and internal formwork. Made to order according to sizes and requirements.

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Various forms of concrete pipe and concrete manhole formwork and equipments

Concrete Pipe Formwork
Round Drain Pipe Formwork (Inner)
Square Drain Pipe Formwork (Outer)
Square Drain Pipe Formwork (Inner)

Why Taitong Machinery?

1. We won "Thai Product of the Year" in 1991 – 1992 from the Minister of Industry (Thailand).
2. We are expert in Machinery. Our team has experienced for more them 35 and keep moving forward.
3. Giving consult by our specialists as one stop service
4. High quality product, durable, valuable with reasonable price
5. All types of work can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
6. We produce all spare parts for al machine. Easy for maintenance.
7. Warm after sales service. Taking care as our family

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