Gantry Cranes and Factory Cranes

       Design, manufacture and installation of cranes for all types of industrial applications, rail cranes, wall cranes, gantry cranes, both single girder and double girder. by professional engineering team.
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Types of factory cranes

- Single Girder Crane is the most popular electric crane, lightweight crane structure. Suitable for small-medium industrial factories. The height from the crane runway to the roof is not very high. An electric hoist is installed under the running track. Used to lift heavy objects Support lifting weight from 1-12.5 tons.

- Double Girder Crane or Double Girder Crane is often used in large industrial plants. It has a stronger and safer structure than monorail cranes. The factory needs to have a space to install. Width from 10-30 meters can support lifting weight from 5-50 tons.

Mono Rail Crane is a hoist to install and move. Forward-backward or up-down vertically, the rail can be designed in a straight line or curve in the application area. Suitable for factories or places that need a crane to pass through only certain areas. Can support lifting weight from 500-3000 kg.

- Gantry Crane is suitable for use in the field. or outdoor work without the structure of the building Metal casters can be installed. or rubber wheels Suitable for the concrete structure parts manufacturing industry or piling factory.




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