Ready mix cement Trowel Machine

          Ready-mixed cement Trowel Machine (licensed by the company Taitong Machinery Co., Ltd.) was invented to reduce labor problems. and increase production efficiency, can be plugged in By using the cement blade from the center conveying to the concrete formwork blade instead of using manpower. It makes work convenient, fast and can reduce the use of human labor.
Video of the Ready-Mixed Cement Trowel Machine
(Copyright of the company Taitong Machinery Co., Ltd.)
  Reduce labor problems

  Increase productivity

  Work quickly and easily

  Installed in conjunction with a prestressed concrete sewer production machine that uses a conveyor belt system for raw materials into the concrete formwork.
Components of
Ready-Mixed Cement Trowel Machine

1. Plastering machine set Installed together with the prestressed concrete pipe machine

2. Rotary screw axis (can be driven according to need)

3. Spindle drive motor unit

4. A set of mortar blades and shape frame according to the shape of the concrete pipe to be produced
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เครื่องปาดปูน ไต้ทงแมชชีนเนอรี่
เครื่องปาดปูน ไต้ทงแมชชีนเนอรี่
เครื่องปาดปูน ไต้ทงแมชชีนเนอรี่
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