Produce and Distribute 4-Block Hydraulic Concrete Making Machine

Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine  

      Our Concrete Block Making Machine uses a hydraulic system to increase production efficiency. save time and labor. It is able to produce 4 blocks at a time, with a production capacity of 5000-8,000 pieces per 8 hours per 6-8 production staffs. Can apply with many types of molds such as uni-paver, I-shape, hexagon, octagon and made-to-order mold.


เครื่องอัดอิฐบล็อก ระบบไฮดรอลิค
Production Capacity per day of Hydraulic Concrete Block machine

Block TypeBlock ModelSize of Block

Production Capacity


Concrete Block

6x18.5x39 cm.

4 Pieces at a time600-800 Pieces / Hour


Concrete Block

9x19x19 cm.

2 Pieces at a time

200 Pieces / Hour

Flat Square Paver 

4x40x40 cm.

1 Piece at a time

250 Pieces / Hour

Interlocking Concrete Pavement

6x11.25x22.50 cm.

4 Pieces at a time

500 Pieces / Hour

Hexagonal / Octagonal Concrete Pavement

6x19.7x22.70 cm.

6x20x20 cm.

4 Pieces at a time

500 Pieces / Hour

Various Types of Concrete Block


Components of Concrete Block Making Machine

   A set of Concrete Block Making Machine 4 blocks
   A set of Hyaulic system
   A set of Concrete Block's Mold
   Concrete Pan Mixer
   Controller Box
   Concrete Conveyor
   Concrete Block Flip Rack

Equipment of Semi-Hydraulic Concrete Block Making Machine

1. A set of Concrete Block Making Machine (4 Blocks)

2. A set of Hydraulic system

3. A side motor

4. Concrete Mixer Pan

5. Conveyor belt with motor

6. Concrete Block Flip Rack

7. Hopper

8. Controller Box

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Preparation before installing Hydraulic Concrete Block Machine  


Installation Area


2-3 Phase Electrical System

จำนวนพนักงานที่ต้องใช้กับเครื่องผลิตท่อคอนกรีตอัดแรง 3 คน

Machine Users 

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