Prestressed Concrete Pipe Making Machine


"High quality Prestressed Concrete Pipe Making Machine" 

      Productivity that eliminates the problem of damaged pipes, labor-saving by using hydraulic and vibration motor systems, consists of Concrete Hopper, Conveyor set, Electrical and Electronic Control Systems.

      Our prestressed concrete pipe machine has both one direction and two directions to increase production capacity. Able to produce Tongue and Groove Pipe, Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Plain Concrete Pipe with a quality grade according to industry standards. Diameter from 200-1,500 mm and can be applied with various molds such as concrete manhole, box culvert, U-ditch grating etc.
Production Capacity per day of Prestressed Concrete Pipe Making Machine
Size of the PipeProduction Capacity per Day
  200 mm200-240 pieces
  300 mm 120-150 pieces
  400 mm 100-140 pieces
  500 mm  90-130 pieces
  600 mm  80-120 pieces
  800 mm  80-100 pieces
1,000 mm   60-80 pieces
1,200 mm   50-70 pieces
1,500 mm   20-30 pieces

Components of prestressed concrete pipe making machine

Pan Mixer
Hydraulic Pump
Concrete Pipe Trolley
Concrete Pipe Mold

All equipment of Concrete Pipe Making Machine

   Concrete Pipe Trolley
   Electronic Controller
   Conveyor belt
   Concrete Plant
   Concrete Conveyor 
   2 meters Pan Mixer
   Material Weight Scale
   Screw Conveyor 
   Cement Silo
   Air Compressor

   1,000 liter water tank (Customer prepare)

Customer’s preparation before installing Prestressed Concrete Pipe Making Machine


Concrete Plant Area in 20x40 meters Minimum height at least 5 meters with concrete floor.


Machine slot area in 5x5 or 5x10 meters with 2.10 meters depth.


380V 3P 100 kVA electrical system


2.5 Ton Forklift Truck


148-liter 5 HP air compressor


1,000-liter water tank


2 HP 2 Inch Water Pump

จำนวนพนักงานที่ต้องใช้กับเครื่องผลิตท่อคอนกรีตอัดแรง 3 คน

3 staffs of operation team

ที่พักสำหรับช่างผู้ติดตั้ง เครื่องผลิตท่อคอนกรีตอัดแรง

Accommodation for installation team

"Contact us for quotation of Prestressed Concrete Pipe Making Machine"

เครื่องผลิตท่อคอนกรีตอัดแรง taitong

Why Taitong Machinery?

1. We won "Thai Product of the Year" in 1991 – 1992 from the Minister of Industry (Thailand).
2. We are expert in Machinery. Our team has experienced for more them 35 and keep moving forward.
3. Giving consult by our specialists as one stop service
4. High quality product, durable, valuable with reasonable price
5. All types of work can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements
6. We produce all spare parts for al machine. Easy for maintenance.
7. Warm after sales service. Taking care as our family

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